Cybersecurity Insurance Companies are Making Significant Changes to Their Contracts

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity insurance companies are changing the way they do business.

Cybersecurity Insurance Denied Claims

How sure are you that your cybersecurity insurance claim will be approved? According to Statista, a leader in technology statistical and survey results, the cybersecurity insurance market is expected to grow to an overwhelming 20 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 because cybercrime is one of the most significant risks to businesses worldwide. Insurance companies have experienced an unsustainable burden of claim payouts and are leaning on analytical data to make a profit and mitigate cyber risk. For this reason, they have had to make substantial changes to their policies.

Cybersecurity Insurance Hike Increase

According to Delinia, a leader in the Frost Radar report for Privileged Access Management, 80% of businesses have used their cybersecurity insurance at least once, and almost half used it multiple times since procuring their policies. For this reason, insurance companies have increased their contracts by 50-100%. In addition, the time to new or obtain an insurance policy is six months or more.

Cybersecurity Insurance Claim Exclusions and Claim Denials

Cybersecurity insurance companies have also increased the exclusion that could make the contract null and void. The most common reason for insurance denial include, failure to maintain security standards, regulatory fines and assessments, cyber extortion, lawsuits, and user failure. Details are listed below.

Failure to Maintain Security Standards

Every company should maintain minimum or adequate cybersecurity standards to mitigate risks. For example, quarterly preventive maintenance can actively stay on top of network and desktop monitoring, updates, patches, user safety training, antivirus, backup restore testing, and network sanitizing, to name a few. However, the best way to prevent denials is to adhere to the clauses and contract details.

Regulatory Fines & Assessments

Depending on your industry, you may be expected to follow regulated industry standards. Types of regulatory requirements include HIPAA, PCI DDS, SOX, GLBA & FERPA. However, there is a growing need for Supply Chain Risk Assessments for partners and clients or to meet state breach notification laws.

Cyber Extortion

Cybersecurity experts warn that Ransomware attacks are more sophisticated, invasive, and frequent than ever. Multiple costs arise, including extortion payments, repeat ransomware attacks by the same criminals, cost to insure affected parties, notification of all affected parties, reputation loss, client loss, operational loss, and income loss. Often, the insurance company limits the type of loss they will pay.


It is not unusual for clients, partners, or affected individuals to sue the targeted company after a cyber breach. Regulatory and state breach notification laws can provide anyone a basis to sue for losses. For protection, insurance companies often include exclusions, claim specifics, policy language, industry regulations, or more to avoid paying a claim.

User Failure

Insurance companies often exclude claims that involve end-user failure. Examples include funds transferred voluntarily, fraudulent transfer by over-riding the system, fraudulent transfer by phone that limit forensic investigations, or losses of client funds.


It is crucial to understand the details of the cybersecurity insurance policy regardless of whether you are renewing your contract or obtaining a new policy. It is wise to get legal services to avoid unforeseen problems before they become an issue.

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