Cybersecurity Prevention: Ransomware and Your Small Atlanta Business

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Prevention & Ransomware

Cybersecurity prevention is hot news in the Atlanta Metro area and worldwide. Cybersecurity experts warn that Ransomware attacks are more sophisticated, invasive, and frequent than ever. ‘Alarmingly, new ransomware variants grew by 100% over the previous six months. This disturbing increase is likely attributed to Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) commonly sold on the dark web. This article examines how to prevent Ransomware and what to do if you are attacked.

Does it Go Away if You Pay the Ransomware?

Paying Ransomware ensures you are a future target because your business is perceived as unprepared to handle cyber attacks and willing to pay the ransom. Remember, you are dealing with sophisticated criminals. “Criminal” is the keyword. For this reason, you cannot trust them. 

Once cybercriminals locks your systems, they have full access to all your information to be sold on the dark web. Such information includes HR documentation like employees’ social security numbers, intellectual property, and robotics control. 

Regulated industries like Healthcare or Banking have it much worse because health records can sell for as much as $250 each, credit cards for $5 each, and social security numbers for $1 each. In addition, the hackers often keep the back door and ransom you again.

Therefore, cybersecurity prevention is the best thing you can do to avoid being the next victim. A good Managed Service Provider can help you prevent, detect, and respond quickly to ransomware attacks that threaten your organization.

Cybersecurity Prevention: How to Prevent Ransomware 

Prevention is the key to fighting Ransomware on your terms. Below are some reliable steps you can take to prevent being the next Ransomware victim:

  • Keep Your Systems Current – Don’t use out-of-warranty or unsupported equipment or software. Manufacturers will not prescribe fixes for new issues, which leaves holes in your system for hackers to slither in.
  • Perform Quarterly Preventive Maintenance – Preventive maintenance is essential to Ransomware prevention. You must keep your patches/updates current and test your backups regularly.
  • Train Your Employees – Your employees are your biggest weakness. Anyone on your network can click a simple link and accidentally download malicious code. For this reason, doing an annual phishing test is an excellent way to see which employees are prone to click and give them more training.
  • Protect Your Passwords – 53% of your users will use the same password on your system as they do for home computing. Therefore, multifactor authentication goes a long way in preventing password leaks. This method makes the user prove they are who they say they are before gaining access to your network.
  • Get Reliable Backups – Your backups are the key to a complete system restore. Therefore, if you get hacked, your MSP can disconnect you from the Internet, clean the virus, and restore your backups to the last instance.
  • Get Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR) – MDR is an antivirus on steroids. Subsequently, it records all the events that occur at your endpoints. Then, when a credible threat is detected, a cybersecurity team will analyze the chain of events in real-time and determine the threat’s validity. Once identified, they can stop malicious activity and guide you through remediation.
  • Consider SIEM – If you can afford it, SIEM is your best alternative. Security Information and Event Management service, SIEM, provides real-time threat monitoring, event correlation, and incident response. Security engineers watch, gather, analyze, and report suspicious activities in your logs.

Cybersecurity Prevention in Atlanta, GA- What to do if you get hacked

If you have taken the abovementioned precautions, you should not pay for the Ransomware. Instead, contact your managed service provider and get them to isolate the infection and restore your server to the last backup. In the worst-case scenario, containment services are available to help you recover from Ransomware. INSI here to provide cybersecurity recovery and prevention services if you need us.

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