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by | Aug 24, 2023 | Cybersecurity

Ethical cybersecurity hacking may sound strange since the word “hack” has such a negative connotation that we recoil at the sound of it. However, you may need ethical hacking to stop a significant breach at your company. This article will explore the types of ethical cybersecurity hacking and how it can help you.

History of Ethical Cybersecurity Hacking

Although the phrase “ethical hacker” was coined in the 1990s by IBM Vice President John Patrick, the practice of testing and manipulating systems to discover their vulnerabilities has been going on as far back as the 1970s when computers grew in popularity. It was then that the first target for criminal hacking was telephone systems, aka “phreaking.” With phreaking, hackers realized they could mimic the same tones on commercial phone systems to hack their system and make expensive calls. Hence, the “black hacker” was born.

Since then, “hacker” has been exclusively associated with criminal activity. The only difference between now and then is that the hackers primary target is business networks. Cybercriminals are more sophisticated and persistent than ever before. For this reason, it is best to have a professional ethical hacker test your system before a black hacker does.  

Types of Ethical Cybersecurity Hacking

Ethical cybersecurity hacking, aka white hacking, is a professional service sold by INSI cybersecurity experts in Atlanta, and Marietta, GA, to determine your data vulnerabilities. They include:

Web Application Hacking–Web Application hacks include user access handling, user input handling, unauthorized alert notification, and automated defense and offense programming measures to frustrate hackers into giving up. The ethical hacker must understand the web application, provide detailed observations, and have focused patience. 

Network System Hacking–In this scenario, the authorized white hacker secretly tries to bypass systems security and identify potential breaches and threats on the network. As a result, your ethical cyber hacker will present a solutions-based document to address the network’s weakness.

Web Server Hacking–Web servers are easily accessible remotely, making them a prime target to steal sensitive data with DOS (DDos), SYN flood, ping flood, and port scans. Ethical web server hackers use various tools to check for fingerprinting, SQL injections, and more. 

Wireless Network Hacking–How safe is your wireless network? An ethical hacker can spy within the perimeter of your cell signal to see if/how they can get in and write a plan of action to correct it.

Social Engineering Hacking – The most interesting of all hacks is the social engineering hack. This method uses psychological manipulation to trick employees into divulging information or granting unauthorized access to your system. 

INSIs Professional White Hacking Service

In 2020, INSI partnered with Cybriant to provide our clients with deeper cybersecurity services and insights. By working with Cybriant, our clients have access to a comprehensive set of managed cybersecurity services, including:

  • Risk Assessments
  • vCISO
  • 24/7 Managed SIEM with LIVE Monitoring and Analysis
  • 24/7 MDR
  • 24/7 Real-Time Vulnerability Scanning with Patch Management.

Together, we make enterprise-grade cybersecurity strategies and tactics accessible to businesses of all sizes. Find out more by clicking the button below, or calling 770-851-8322.

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