How To Retire Your IT Support Hat

by | Jun 23, 2023 | "How To" Articles, IT Support

Is it Time to Retire from Your IT Support Job?

Congratulations, you are ready to retire from your IT Support job. After years of saving, working long hours, weekend projects, and l late-night calls, you are finally at the stage where you are considering retirement.  But how do you go about it?  How much notice should you give?  How do you ensure you leave it in good hands?

It’s All About Timing

Most agree that 6-weeks is sufficient time to give notice.  However, most employers will work with you on a transition plan since you serve such a vital role in company operations. As an IT support professional, you are considered a hard-to-replace employee because experienced IT support professionals have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States at 2.2% according to DICE Tech Talent website. Therefore, giving your employer six months to find a suitable replacement and time to pass on your knowledge to the new employee is reasonable.

Retiring Due to Medical Issues

Unfortunately, the unexpected can surprise anyone. You might have medical issues or need to care for a loved one. When this happens, committing to the same number of hours is difficult. However, most employers will work with you on the transition plan since you serve such a vital role in the organization.  For example, the alternatives to full retirement include:

  • Transition to Part-Time – Consider slowly dropping hours while you train your replacement. This allows you to choose your replacement and ensure the person is fully trained before your exit.
  • Split Your Role – Go to hourly pay and have an MSP fill in while you are out. Over time, you can slowly transition this role to the MSP.

When You’re Ready for Full Retirement

Some companies prefer to keep IT support people full-time while they train their replacements. The time to transition differs based on the complexity of the network and your role within the organization. Here are some tips for a smooth transition.

  • Document, Document, Document – Avoid IT support knowledge silos. Instead, you must document the network environment, end-user needs, department roles, historical information, and future plans.
  • Cross-Train Incoming IT Support – You have an enormous wealth of IT and company-wide knowledge. Unfortunately, much of this information is difficult to document and just easier to show someone.  That’s why it is best to have some time to share this knowledge. In addition, you can leave a great legacy if your replacement understands why and how you set up the system. Otherwise, everything that they don’t understand will be denounced as your incompetence.
  • Consulting Opportunities – Once you have handed off all of your responsibilities, there will still be times the new guy will need your input. Consider offering consultation fees on an as-needed basis.

Your Responsibility as an IT Support Professional in Atlanta GA

As an IT professional, you impact every aspect of the company. That’s why you need a transition plan regardless of whether you have a phased retirement plan or plan to leave quickly. A lousy transition plan could devastate impact on your company, but a good transition will leave an incredible legacy in the minds of your superiors and co-workers.

INSI Can Help with Your Retirement Transition Plan

INSI can document your environment, put together IT support strategies, or help you fill in the gaps as you slowly transition out. Our Customized IT™ program is ideal for situations just like this, and you will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity as you move toward retirement.

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