How to Properly Dispose of IT Equipment Safely

by | Sep 28, 2023 | "How To" Articles, IT Services

Old IT equipment is more challenging to dispose of than you may think. Forensic research proves that deleted files still contain some remnants of the old data. For example, criminal investigations often reveal traces of evidence someone thought was permanently deleted. So, what is the safe way to throw away your old IT equipment? Learn more here from your top Atlanta and Marietta GA MSP.

The Traceable Data on Your Old IT Equipment is Valuable to Criminals

Small businesses often think their old equipment holds nothing of value and throw it in the dumpster.  However, your uncleaned, disposed IT equipment is a treasure trove for employee HR information, client lists, financial information, company intellectual property, and more. Further, you may hold the keys to the kingdom if you have access, store, or transfer data for a government, healthcare, or financial entity, known as supply chain hacking. Either way, your data is important, and cybercriminals know how to access it.

US Law Prohibits Disposing of IT Equipment in Garbage

Don’t throw your devices in the trash!  Some IT equipment, like monitors, tablets, cell phones, and other mobile devices, are hazardous under United States law. Therefore, it must be appropriately destroyed and documented to avoid violations and significant fines. 

How Dispose of Old IT Equipment Safely

Unlike paper files that can be burned and permanently destroyed, data is never entirely deleted. Therefore, if you plan to sell your old IT business equipment, you should replace the hard drive first.  If you plan to destroy an old device, destroy the hard drive with a hammer and take the system to an e-cycling service.

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