Application Cybersecurity for Programmers

by | Jul 11, 2023 | information security, INSI Articles

Application Cybersecurity is essential for your Atlanta, GA business programmers. INSI announced a new program last year, AppSecure-IT, to ensure developers have secure code. It provides continuous protection after deployment by finding, fixing, and preventing security vulnerabilities. 

AppSecure-IT Cybersecurity During Development

It may interest you to know that nine out of ten web applications use out-of-date third-party code that contains security vulnerabilities. However, INSIs AppSecure-IT can see and block attacks targeted at the application code level without requiring manual code or programming modifications.

AppSecure-IT helps Dev/Ops teams during code development to keep them from developing insecure code or scanning vulnerable pre-written code that will later require change for security purposes.

AppSecure-IT After Deployment

Attacks on live applications are a leading cause of outages. That’s why monitoring the application layer is so important. Our monitoring protects the entire application stack, reports real-time information, and instantly blocks attacks.

Compliment Your SIEM Program

AppSecure-IT will also enhance your SIEM with improved data. Log Enhancers allow you to share login failures, privilege escalation, database calls, and many other aspects of your application environment with your SIEM of choice. 

As a result, your operations team can leverage this intelligence across monitoring platforms rather than multiple systems.

There is no question that today’s modern software increases the need for continuous visibility, monitoring, and analysis of applications during development and well after deployment.  Do what you can to ensure your software is safe for all your end-users.

INSIs Cybersecurity Experts Can Help You Navigate Your Security Challenges

Innovative Network Systems, Inc. (INSI) offers Advanced Cybersecurity services to help clients mitigate the effects of the evolving threat landscape and empower them to combat sophisticated daily attacks. We have partnered with Cybriant, a leading network and security provider, for threat management services. They work side-by-side with our engineers to resolve the cyber issues in real time. For a complete list of INSI Advanced Cybersecurity programs, click here.

About INSI: The Best MSP in Atlanta!

Innovative Network Systems, Inc. has a unique approach to integrating IT support and cybersecurity. Our month-to-month programs range from basic support to proactive support, managed support, and customized support. Each program is tailored to the client’s needs and internal IT strengths.  

For more information about cybersecurity dangers and the preventative measures for your company, connect with the top MSP in Atlanta; Contact INSI: 770-387-2424, option 2 or click the link below. In addition, we offer 16 different cybersecurity programs to protect you and your data.

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