MDR Cybersecurity Protection Measures – When Antivirus is Not Enough!

by | May 5, 2023 | information security, INSI Articles

Do you need MDR Cybersecurity Protection for your Atlanta-based organization? Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) believe they are immune from this threat. Yet, SMBs are the easiest targets for hackers and are the recipients of 70% of phishing attacks, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)

Unfortunately, all it takes is one click from an unsuspecting employee, and you could lose all your intellectual property, financial information, human resource information, or healthcare information. MDR Ciybersecurity Protection can help!

Chances of Surviving a Phishing Attack

The NCSA boldly states that 60% of small- and medium-sized businesses have gone out of business within six months after a successful cyber security attack. Of those, 50% of the targeted companies have had employees fall for email phishing attacks. So the question remains, how do you recover?

Basic Block and Tackle Security is Not Enough

Most SMBs believe antivirus, spam filtering, and firewall configuration are enough to protect their data because prevention is the only defense against cyber-attacks. But is it enough? 

The answer is no. Cybersecurity attacks are getting more and more sophisticated each year. While antivirus, spam filtering, and firewalls can identify new threats and build up a defense against them for their clients, it is also only reactionary. You need a second line of defense: MDR.  

INSI’s MDR Remediates Successful Phishing Attacks

Monitoring, Defense, and Response (MDR) is a real-time, 24/7, turnkey solution that detects, investigates, and responds to phishing threats that have bypassed existing prevention/detection software. INSI’s 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) has fully staffed and experienced security professionals who monitor MDR technology. At the same time, it generates and/or collects security log data/alerts. Once a threat is detected, automated incident response activities, investigation, and containment actions are activated.  

Simply put, MDR can help you respond to phishing attacks by identifying, investigating, and containing diver modes before they cause major damage to your network.

INSI Cybersecurity MDR 24/7 SOC Services

INSI’s MDR-IT service is a full-service 24/7 turnkey security operations center (soc) solution. Our team is powered by Cybriant and works closely with their cybersecurity specialist to monitor, analyze, and help remediate email cyber attacks in real time. Furthermore, with this solution, we can help reduce the time between breach and detection and also stop the threat before it can fully execute. Contact INSI:  770-387-2424, option 2, for IT security help. 

INSI: The Best MSP in Atlanta!

INSI is the Top Managed Service Provider in Atlanta. We offer complete IT support packages for clients without internal IT and a la carte customized packages for small IT departments. Most importantly, we only charge the client for the exact service and level they actually need. In addition, this unique support model has proven to save the client money and greatly complemented the client’s internal IT strengths.

About the Author

Deborah Frazier is the author of IT Outsourcing Secrets – A Small Business Guide to Compare IT Support Companies. With nearly 20-years’ experience consulting small and medium-sized businesses on their IT support needs, she brings a wealth of knowledge to INSI as Head of Marketing and Sales. 

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