10 Signs It’s Time to Change IT Support Providers

by | Aug 29, 2023 | INSI Articles, IT Support

Is it time to change your Atlanta IT support provider? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s face it; no one likes change because change is hard, and it’s easier to accept mediocre service than to change to the unknown. But when the current solution rings uncertain, it is clear it is time to change. Below are ten apparent signs it is time to switch IT support providers. 

1. Change Your IT Support Provider When Bills and Expenses are Unpredictable

We all know financial predictability is the key to business success. Therefore, you should be concerned if you receive unexpected or excessive IT support bills and expenses. One time may be explainable, but if it happens multiple times, you need to start asking these questions:

  • Could this have been prevented?
  • Could this have been planned in the budget?
  • Could this have been caught and managed sooner?

If the answers to these questions are not a resounding “NO,” it might be time to look for another IT support provider.

2. Change Your IT Support Provider When Response Time Suffers

Response time is the number one reason companies switch their IT support providers. Today, it is damn near impossible to function without operational computers. That’s why you should consider a change if your end users are bottlenecked by the IT support provider’s response or resolution time. Common reasons for poor IT support service include:

  • Lack of appropriate staffing
  • Insufficient processes and procedures
  • Ineffective technology tools to track, monitor, prevent, and measure
  • Type of IT support model

In addition, executives don’t always recognize issues with the IT support company because they get preferential treatment. However, it is just as important the end-users receive great support because their work could affect production, sales, finances, or operations. A quality IT provider will give you the tools or reports to track their response and resolution times.

3. Change Your IT Support Provider When They Dodge Responsibility 

Does it always seem to be someone else’s fault when something goes wrong with your technology? Finger-pointing is one reason companies get fed up with their IT support provider. While it could be an internal resource, vendor, or technology, it could also be your provider. So, ask yourself:

  • Are they problem solvers or finger-pointers? In other words, do they provide a path to resolution, or are they content to leave you hanging or put you in the middle?
  • Do they try to resolve it themselves or tell you who to call? A good IT support provider will contact the vendor, manufacturer, or other parties to resolve the issues and only get you involved if they are not cooperating.
  • Is this a constant issue or an isolated issue? Ongoing issues are something to be concerned about.

4. Change Your IT Support Provider When They Don’t Protect You from Cyber Attacks

When a cyberattack happens, you first look at your IT support provider. Your IT support provider should  advise and offer you cybersecurity and provide 24/7 monitoring and onsite preventive maintenance. All of which can prevent and stop the most common cybersecurity threats.  (Click here to find out what your IT support provider is responsible for and what they are not.) On the other hand, a GREAT IT support provider will offer advanced cybersecurity products to protect you from a range of threats.

5. Change Your IT Support Provider When They Cannot Help You Align Your IT Goals to Your Business Goals

It’s a digital world, and every year, small- and medium-sized businesses find new ways to use technology to improve service, speed up operations, offer new products, or generally become more competitive in their marketplace. A good IT support provider can meet with your business executives to help align their IT initiatives with their business goals.

6. Change Your IT Support Provider When They Clash with Your Internal IT Resources

Your internal IT department mustn’t have a reason to feel threatened by your outsourced IT group. And the prevention of a threatening environment starts with a clear separation of responsibilities. All too often, outsourcing packages overlap with the internal IT department’s responsibilities. When that happens, LOOK OUT because you are in jeopardy of both sides finger-pointing at each other. This not only holds up productivity but also creates a toxic workplace. Instead, find a company that can design a program around your internal IT strengths so everyone knows their exact responsibilities and can hold each other accountable.

7. Change Your IT Support Provider When They Are More Reactive Than Proactive

Reactive IT support is a HUGE red flag! A reactive company is typically on the lower level of the IT maturity scale, which means you will have unpredictable costs and failure to meet your client’s demands. If you have one of these companies, it is time to run!

8. Change Your IT Support Provider When You Can No Longer Trust Them

When you give administration access to a company or employee, you give them full access to your emails, finances, HR records, intellectual property, client list, and more. While an IT company doesn’t have a vested interest in your data, people are people, and some are untrustworthy. That’s why you should always get references and ensure your IT provider runs background checks on anyone who has access to your data.

Watch out if your IT support provider knows details about your business that they otherwise shouldn’t. We often see this with IT support companies on the lower IT maturity scale because they are desperate and can’t afford to lose a client. But in some cases, we have caught larger IT support companies flagging emails with specific keywords like IT support or competitor names.

9. Change Your IT Support Provider When Your IT Provider Traps You in Long-term Contracts 

In my 21 years in this business, I have noticed that IT support companies that lock you into long-term contracts will typically slack on performance when the contract is not up for renewal. However, a company confident in its abilities will always provide an easy “out” if the client wants to leave for non-performance or bad customer service.

10. Change Your IT Support Provider When Your IT Provider Sold to an Investment Firm

Over the last few years, many investment companies have purchased smaller IT support companies and implemented changes that drive off employees. They changed the service model to squeeze every penny for the shareholders, not the client. Therefore, run far away if your IT support provider has been bought out.


If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is time to review your IT support contract. Especially if your agreement is up for renewal, if you are still unsure and would like to review your situation objectively, we recommend the book IT Outsourcing Secrets – A Small Business Guide to Compare IT Support Companies.

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