Contain Your Ransomware Cyber Breaches Now!

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Has Ransomware Compromised Your Data? We can contain it.

Almost every company has one of those users that can’t help themselves from clicking on links. Often, this leads to ransomware. When that happens it propagates itself across your network. Historically, you only had two choices: pay the ransom or risk losing access to your files. Now, INSI has another option.

Ransomware Risk

When a ransomware alert flashes across your screen, your mind races when you realize a criminal has control of your company secrets! Compromised files include propriety information, financials, HR, client data, credit card, and possibly protected health information (if you are in healthcare or a business associate.) How, then, can you trust the cybercriminal will release your data without first selling it on the dark web or creating a back door to use later?

Equally troubling, this unknown criminal is holding up all of your operations as they lock down the information you need to pay bills and payroll, inform affected clients of the breach, and much more.

What do you do? INSI’s Atlanta Cybersecurity Contain-IT program solves the problem!

Standard Approach to Ransomware

In the past, there have been two standard approaches to ransomware or any cyber breach; roll back to the latest backup or pay the ransomware. Unfortunately, both solutions have their weaknesses.

Roll Back to Latest Backups

You can roll back time by restoring the latest backups. Unfortunately, you will lose all data created since the last backup, which is better than nothing. This, of course, is assuming your backups are current and working. (For this reason, you must regularly perform test restores of your backups.)  

Pay the Ransomware

A few hundred or thousand dollars doesnt seem like much money for all of your company data, so many companies pay the ransom. Unfortunately, you don’t know how long the cybercriminal accessed your computer. Generally, the average hacker can reside on your network for nine months before being detected or making themselves known. By this point, they have spread far enough into the system to do some real damage.

Unfortunately, paying the ransom makes you a target to hackers. These hackers see you as someone who will pay again and again. You also have to remember these are untrustworthy criminals, and they often leave breadcrumbs to access the network at a later time. In addition, there is no guarantee they can be trusted with the data they collected. INSI’s Atlanta Cybersecurity Contain-IT program solves the problem!

INSI’s Contains Breaches Like Ransomware

INSI’s Contain-IT program not only contains, blocks, and terminates the virus; but also investigates cyber-attacks immediately. Powered by our partner Cybriant, this incident response & containment service provides a full report on our serious threat hunter and endpoint forensic identification, with immediate action items and a roadmap to avoid future breaches.

INSI is Here to Protect You!

Cyber breaches can be a real problem. Trust Atlanta’s best cybersecurity team when the unthinkable happens – Innovative Network Systems, Inc. (INSI)! This post is part of the INSI Cyber Awareness Campaign intended to protect and inform our clients on current threats.

To get immediate help on your cybersecurity concerns, contact INSI at 770-387-2424. Go to our Advanced Cybersecurity page to learn more about our cyber offerings. 

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