Best Facebook Cybersecurity Practices

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Get to know the best Facebook cybersecurity practices with these helpful tips and tricks.
Have you ever noticed people on Facebook that have over one thousand “friends?” It’s a strange phenomenon, but many measure their self-worth by their “friend” count. If you are one of these people, you need to think twice about who you allow being your friend.

Lately, I have received many Facebook friend requests from people I am already connected to and strangers. Due to my background, I know better than to accept these friendship requests and alert my hacked friends. But I realized many of my friends must be falling for these hacks, or I wouldn’t get so many imposter friendship requests. So, I decided to share the types of Facebook scams, how to avoid them, and what to do if you fall for one.

Types of Facebook Cybersecurity Scams

Below are the reasons and ways bad actors scam you.

  • Scammer – Bad actors target individuals to access personally identifiable information in their profiles. Once they become a “friend,” they can access “friends only” classified information. This information gives them what they need to push malicious code through phishing, smishing, or spear-phishing attacks to exploit you or your employer financially.
  • Malicious Links –Friendship requests from cybercriminals often result in malicious links through messenger or your newsfeed. Often, bad actors will pose as you to your Facebook connections in hopes of tricking your friends through a “trusted source”. Malicious links can lead to phishing attacks or allow the bad actor access to your or your employer’s files.
  • Prey on Your Kids – A child with an account, or a parent posting personal information about their kids, alerts traffickers of where and when their child is vulnerable to kidnapping. For instance, one teenage girl posted that she was home alone, and the perpetrator used the Facebook GPS to locate and kidnap her. In other situations, perpetrators posed as young members of the opposite sex to lure the kids into a trap. Even parents have posted about dropping their teenagers off at the mall or park and had their kids targeted. That’s why it is crucial to concider carefully anything you post online about your kids or allow them to have an account of their own.
  • Catfishing – These perpetrators prey on victims for financial gain. Sometimes they use pictures of models or beautiful people to trick their victims. Often, they spam hundreds of people before finding a willing victim.
  • Spying – Spying happens when someone you blocked, a jealous partner, a stalker, or a private investigator, aims to gather information on you. If you have something to hide, or someone to hide from, you should never accept a friend request unless you expect.

Tips On Best Facebook Cybersecurity Practices To Avoid Scammers

Cybersecurity criminals are lurking at every corner and you need to know how to spot them before they cause you issues.  Below is a list of the best Facebook cybersecurity practices.  

Delete Invitations From Strangers

First and foremost, when it comes to the best Facebook cybersecurity practices, never accept a friend request from someone you don’t know, even if you have a few connections in common. Bad actors often use a familiar name to trick you. If unsure, look at their connections, profile, and post history. A scammer will have very little or no information and connections.

If You Get an Invitation From Someone You Know

If you get a friendship request from someone you know, look at your friendship list to see if you are already connected. If it is a scam you should delete it and notify your friend. Another good rule of thumb is to verify by phone or email before accepting a new friendship request from an existing Facebook friend.

Get Antivirus

If you don’t have it, get a good antivirus on any device you use to access Facebook. This includes antivirus on your computer, mobile phone, and other devices. Many people think their phones and iPads are immune to viruses, but that’s not true. You can and will get malware on your phone if you are not careful.

Go Through Your Friendship List Now

Last, now is the time to go through all your Facebook friends and eliminate any “friends” you don’t know well. If it’s questionable, look at their connections, profile, and post history. A scammer will have very little or no information and contacts. If you keep them as Facebook friends, you can be sure they are waiting and lurking for the next opportunity.

Facebook Cybersecurity: If You Click on a Bad Link

Malicious software can give the cybercriminal full access to your computer and personal information. In addition, it can also provide access to your employers’ network. If they can access your employer’s network, it can result in ransomware or access to corporate data for up to nine months before detection. In some cases, it can even result in supply chain hacks. Therefore, don’t waste any time. Best Facebook cybersecurity practices state you should immediately take your computer or device to a computer store to clean it. If it is a work device, take it to your employer.

Best Facebook Cybersecurity Practices Summary

Take control of your Facebook cybersecurity practices today, and stop friending everyone who invites you. Best cybersecurity practices show that people who are particular about who they accept as Facebook friends are less likely to get scammed by this platform.

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