How to Find the Best IT Support Company for Your Atlanta Business

by | Aug 3, 2023 | INSI Articles, IT Support

Find the Best IT Support company in Atlanta with this guide.

It’s time to look for a new IT support company, but where do you start? Researching Managed Service Providers is not a standard part of your job, as the average MSP retention rate is 95% or higher. Therefore, searching for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be daunting. That’s why we have created this cheat sheet to help make informed decisions.

The Support Model Helps You Determine the Best IT Support Companies in Atlanta 

Many traditional IT support models need to be revised. That’s why you need to recognize the pros and cons of each type of IT support model.  In addition, you need to understand how to identify which service model they proposed, the questions to ask, and the answers to seek. Fortunately, INSI has provided a quick MSP Knowledge cheat sheet to make it easy. This will help you to find the best IT support company in Atlanta.

Six Types of IT Support Models:

Below are the six most common IT support models found in Atlanta. Subsequently, they are arranged by highest to lowest risk. Importantly, your cost significantly increases with the level of risk. Use this detailed information to find the best IT support company for you.

The Best IT Support Companies in Atlanta Demonstrate IT Maturity

IT Maturity is the most important quality in an MSP.  In addition, it serves as the cornerstone for all successful IT relationships. Furthermore, it determines the IT operational efficiency, and the MSP’s ability to deliver on its promises. Specifically, IT Maturity boils down to three major things:

  • People – You can have great engineers and yet inferior customer service. The best engineers have excellent problem-solving skills, communication skills, and the ability to follow processes. Without this, you will get very inconsistent services.
  • Technology – More mature MSPs have heavily invested in robust asset tracking, ticketing systems, and network/desktop remote monitoring tools. These tools are necessary to provide efficient and reliable service.  Make sure the provider is not using cheap tools or avoiding them altogether.
  • Processes – Processes help the entire staff with everyday routines without making them stop and think of every mundane task. In addition, processes like preventive maintenance keep your systems at optimal performance.

The best IT support companies in Atlanta possess all these qualities. A good resource is the book IT Outsourcing Secrets, which provides detailed questions to measure the provider’s IT Maturity level.

The Best IT Support Companies in Atlanta Have a Security Focus

Cybersecurity has taken center stage in the last several years as end-users have been inundated with phishing scams. In addition, the cybersecurity community discovers new vulnerabilities in software daily, as hackers are more sophisticated than ever before. That’s why your IT support company should take security very seriously.

Many small- and medium-sized businesses believe their Managed Service Provider fully protects their data. However, they only provide basic block-and-tackle security, which is insufficient to protect against sophisticated threats. That’s why the best IT support companies in Atlanta should be able to provide a GAP analysis to determine your strengths and weaknesses to develop an action plan.  After all, one cybersecurity breach could lead to disastrous consequences.

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