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INSIs Cybersecurity Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), Fortify-IT, provides mobile protection for your employee population and BYOD users. It is ideal for companies concerned about the vulnerabilities of the data accessed and shared on end user devices. Protected data includes email, SharePoint, calendaring, corporate contacts, holds sensitive information applications. 

Fortify-IT MTD Standard vs Advanced

INSI offers a standard baseline of protection against common threats and attack vectors. It provides reporting, assistance with end-user remediation, policy creation, assisted deployment, threat escalations, and mobile advisory and recommendations.

The Advanced option is for high-risk users like C-level executives, financial users, and administrative-level users. In addition to everything that comes with the standard package, the Advanced option includes AI-Based Advanced Threat and Traffic Analysis, Deep App Inspection and Analysis, Malicious App Sandboxing, and Detailed Analysis. We also offer App Penetration Testing and Leaky App Analysis for a complete diagnosis.

Fortify-IT Mobile Threat Defense Protects Against the Following:

Fortify-IT Mobile Threat Defense protects from the following common threats:

  • App Vulnerabilities – Failure to update software and applications regularly allows cyber criminals to exploit your user’s cellphone weaknesses with malicious malware. Further, they can gain control of the mobile device data through granted elevated privileges. For example, the applications term can provide the software company access to your contacts and be a target for phishers.
  • User-Granted Privileges – Unfortunately, most end-users do not read the terms before approving them. As a result, most app developers will request greater privileges than necessary. This is a ticking time bomb for vulnerable phone operating systems and apps.
  • Sideloaded Applications – Sideloaded applications include any app not downloaded through the official app/play store and have not passed the security inspection guidelines. Unfortunately, these “free” applications often have malicious code to harvest user data, banking credentials, personal pictures, messages, or corporate data.
  • Malicious Devices Profiles/SSL Certifications – This threat is commonly utilized to conduct Man in The Middle (MiTM) attacks on any cryptographically secured data leaving the mobile device. This is a common way for attackers to harvest usernames/passwords and sensitive data.
  • Rogue Networks – Attackers can set up wireless access points (WAP) and give them the same name as a legitimate network. When the end-user accesses the WAP, the hacker installs a device profile that allows all data to be routed and decrypted via the MiTM attack that occurred on the user’s phone.

Most importantly, both levels of Fortify-IT provide continuous mobile threat monitoring, analysis, and response.

Fortify-IT Mobile Threat Defense Program is Just One Way INSI Protects Their Client

INSI offers a range of advanced cybersecurity services to augment and reinforce our client’s mission, needs, resources, and budgets. Services include prevention, design, implementation, management, response, and remediation programs. We cover everything from antivirus to 24/7 detection, response, and containment. For a complete list of cybersecurity programs, click here.

About INSI: The Best MSP in Atlanta!

Innovative Network Systems, Inc. has a unique approach to integrating IT support and cybersecurity. Our month-to-month programs range from basic support to proactive support, managed support, and customized support. Each program is tailored to the client’s needs and internal IT strengths.  

For more information about cybersecurity dangers and the preventative measures for your company, connect with the top MSP in Atlanta; Contact INSI: 770-387-2424, option 2 or click the link below. In addition, we offer 16 different cybersecurity programs to protect you and your data.

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