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What is Customized IT Support?

Customized IT Support is a hybrid solution for companies growing their IT department over time. Specifically, this program combines the clients’ internal IT department and INSI solutions. 

Customized IT Helps You Grow Your Own IT Department

When a company is growing, it often hires its own internal IT professionals. However, attracting the right IT professionals and hiring the right technical skill sets can take time and effort. IT professionals are in high demand; and want a stable, secure position that offers a solid career path and benefits. In addition, your IT team will need advanced, robust technology tools and defined processes to be successful. This investment takes an extraordinary amount of time, trial by error approach, and significant capital investment before the department can operate efficiently and effectively. Until then, you will likely get subpar support.

Compare Customized IT to the One-Man IT Shop

I have met with many executives who believe they can hire one person to manage their IT. While this may attract a small subset of IT people, most qualified IT professionals want a career path and an opportunity to advance beyond managing end-user issues. Moreover, they dream of a time they can be involved in IT strategy, advanced server support, and manage someone else to do the small-time entry-level IT helpdesk support. However, this situation creates a unique isolation problem where they have to learn everything independently, including new technologies and how to manage another engineer.

Customized IT Hybrid Solution Can Help You Realize Your IT Vision

Unlike other MSPs, INSI is not interested in taking over your IT. Our plan is to work with your existing IT department and phase ourselves out as your IT department grows. This approach starts with an IT plan that helps your stakeholders identify what type of IT skillset you need and provides a roadmap to add technology and staff at different stages in your growth. In the interim, we provide the following:

  • IT staff training
  • Advanced technology tools
  • Cybersecurity tools
  • Proven processes
  • IT resources to fill in the IT gaps.

As your company grows, you can slowly remove and replace our services.

Types of Customized IT Support Hybrid Solutions

INSIs core business is IT. We have invested heavily in people, technology, and tools that far exceed what an SMB can afford. Some of our more common services include:

  1. Network Monitoring – Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can access to robust Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software because they service multiple clients. Subsequently, the RMM software benefits the client by minimizing downtime, enhancing security, lowering the total cost of ownership, streamlining maintenance, and improving productivity.
  2. Helpdesk – Helpdesk is ideal for a company with senior-level internal resources for the strategic direction and server work. The best thing about the helpdesk is they can handle 80% of the calls. Consequently, this frees up the internal IT department’s time for higher-level issues.
  3. Tier 3 Support – Tier 3 support is ideal for a company with desktop engineers who need help with strategic direction and server-level work.
  4. Projects – Internal IT Departments often turn to outsourced IT for project-related work. This decision allows them to maintain end-user service levels.
  5. Overflow – Often, internal IT departments find themselves overwhelmed. Specifically, they need help during peak times, peak seasons, or when they are slightly understaffed. During this time, they cannot justify hiring full-time personnel and choose to hire an IT outsourced company.
  6. CIO Services – Get strategic direction from a senior architect. This expert will get to know your business goals and align an IT strategy specific to your needs.
  7. Pass-Through Tickets – Have the INSI helpdesk take the initial calls and put them in the queue for your engineers. We can also arrange to take the overflow if your engineers are backlogged and can’t respond to the issues within a certain time.
  8. Warehousing – With warehousing, we keep spares of your end-user equipment and swap them out as needed.
  9. Technology Tools – Technology tools can be expensive to license, program, and maintain. With this program, you can access your account on our ticketing and asset tracking system. Now you can have all the functionality without the significant cost.
  10. More – Click here to get a complete list of Customized IT services.

Other INSI IT Solutions

In addition to our INSI Customized IT™, Monitored, and Managed Services programs, INSI has multiple options. They include:

  • Cloud Computing – You can choose between INSI’s Cloud or a third-party cloud such as Azure or AWS.  We will install and maintain it for you.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery – We provide onsite or remote backup and disaster recovery to our clients.
  • Cybersecurity – INSI can handle everything from basic security to Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM).
  • Cabling and Fiber – Cabling and wireless services from single business lines up to installations for Internet Service Providers

Whatever your IT needs, INSI is here to support you.

About INSI: The Best MSP in Atlanta!

Innovative Network Systems, Inc. has a unique approach to integrating IT support and cybersecurity. Our month-to-month programs range from basic support to proactive support, managed support, and customized support. Each program is tailored to the client’s needs and internal IT strengths.  

For more information about cybersecurity dangers and the preventative measures for your company, connect with the top MSP in Atlanta; Contact INSI: 770-387-2424, option 2 or click the link below. In addition, we offer 16 different cybersecurity programs to protect you and your data.

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