Immediate Cybersecurity Alert for All Apple Devices!

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Cybersecurity, INSI Articles

Cybersecurity Alert! Innovative Network Systems Inc. (INSI) Suggests Apple Users Update Their Devices Immediately.

Apple announced two new zero-day software security alerts last Wednesday to fix significant vulnerabilities allowing hackers complete control over Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers. Apple became aware of the vulnerability before they received any confirmed reports. However, it is rare for Apple to issue significant threat alerts as the tech-giant takes great pride in their security measures. Therefore, this cybersecurity alert should be taken very seriously.

Affected devices include:

  • All iPad Pro models
  • iPad 2 and later models
  • iPad 5th generation and later models
  • iPad Mini 4 and later models
  • iPhone 6 and later models
  • iPod touch 7th Generation
  • Mac computers running macOS Monterrey

The good news is there is a simple fix. All you need to do is go to your OS settings, General, and Software Update. 

What is at Stake with This Cybersecurity Alert?

Cell phones are more vulnerable than most people think. Devices hold a vast amount of personal and professional information that could result in financial theft, identity theft, and corrupted data. The most common apps include:

  • Private and personal contacts
  • Work emails
  • Personal emails
  • Access to company applications and documents
  • Social media
  • Texting history
  • Personal pictures
  • Banking Apps
  • Shopping Apps
  • GPS
  • Games

Your cellphone can reveal your habits, location, contacts, and provide a window on how to impersonate you. As a result, both you and your company can become victims of cybercriminals.

INSI’s 5 Device Security Tips & Tricks 

INSI wants to protect our clients with the latest security information. Therefore, we have documented 5 cellphone/device security tips to protect your cellphone from hackers. They include:

  1. 2 Factor Authentication – This adds on another security layer beyond your passcode.
  2. Published Password Notification – Find out if your email address or password has been breached by going to
  3. Encrypted Backups – Ensure your backups are encrypted to hide sensitive information like password, health info, WI-FI setting, and call/search history.
  4. Autofill – Autofill makes it easier to log into a new device or an account with a code. It is available in all IOS 12 and up, and you can find it in the settings on your Android phone.
  5. Add Antivirus – You are highly vulnerable to smishing, phishing, and social media hacks daily. A good cellphone antivirus can often stop these attacks in their tracks.

INSI is the best Atlanta resource to help you determine the best response to cybersecurity alerts.

INSI Device Cybersecurity Services

INSI has the tools and expertise to help you protect and assess the health of cyber devices connected to your business network. 

  • Fortify-IT – Fortify-IT is our Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) program that provides mobile protection for your general employee population and BYOD users. Most importantly, this program will provide reporting, assistance with end-user remediation, policy creation, assisted deployment, threat escalations, and mobile advisory and recommendations.
  • MobileAssess-IT – INSI’s Mobile Risk Assessment, MobileAssess-IT, provides experienced assessment experts who will evaluate security risks to mobile phones/tablets, establish policies, assess the impact on policies, and recommend actions to better secure and align mobile devices to your business practices.

INSI is the best Atlanta resource to help you determine the best response to cybersecurity alerts.

Depend on INSI for the Latest Cybersecurity Alerts & Prevention

For more information about cellphone cybersecurity for your company, connect with the top MSP in Atlanta; Contact INSI: 770-387-2424, option 2. In addition, we offer 16 different cybersecurity programs to protect you and your data. 

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