Cybersecurity Prevention, Detection, Remediation & End-to-End Visibility

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Cybersecurity, INSI Articles

A combination of cybersecurity prevention, detection, remediation, and end-to-end visibility is the best formula to protect against today’s cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Prevention

The best way to reduce problems from cyber-attacks is to prevent them in the first place. Historically, cybersecurity prevention included firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention tools, antivirus, and spam filtering, but today that is not enough to protect against the current cyber climate. Instead, the best protection is experienced 24/7 oversight coupled with machine learning and artificial intelligence. This combination helps identify and terminate malicious software before it can execute.

Cybersecurity Detection

Cybersecurity detection can limit the time of exposure and financial impact. According to Ponemon Institute, the average time to identify a breach in 2022 was 212 days or a little over seven months. The longer it takes to discover and remediate the cause, the more damage it causes to your operations and reputation. Therefore, you need a team of reliable and experienced security analysts who can inspect malicious code and alert you of credible threats.

Cybersecurity Remediation

Once a malicious threat is identified, it is important to respond quickly to limit the impact on your operations, finance, and reputation. However, most Managed Service Providers, or internal IT departments, do not have the tools or knowledge to remediate sophisticated attacks. Therefore, it is crucial to find a company that can identify and remediate cyber issues.

INSI’s Cybersecurity End-to-End Visibility

Innovative Network Systems, Inc (INSI), an Atlanta-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) has partnered with Cybriant, an Atlanta-based Managed Security Service Provider, to provide continuous vulnerability scanning, prioritize, and remediate issues based on asset criticality, threat context, and vulnerability severity. Together we provide end-to-end protection by identifying, investigating, triaging and remediating security events. Additionally, we provide executive-level reporting so you know what is going on at all times. It’s a complete solution for small- and medium-sized businesses in the Atlanta area and across the United States.

About INSI, The Best IT Support & Cybersecurity Provider in Atlanta

For over 25 years, Innovative Network Systems (INSI) has offered an integrated IT support and cybersecurity approach for small and medium-sized businesses in the Atlanta area. We have 100% local, college-educated, and experienced engineers that provide a range of services from basic monitoring to fully Managed IT services. In addition, the INSI Customized-IT support model gives clients the exact level and type of service they want while also providing greater accountability and reduced ongoing IT support costs. INSI options include cloudcybersecuritybackupscablingwireless, business phonesstrategic IT planning, and much more. Contact INSI to reach the best MSP in Atlanta: 770-387-2424, option 2.


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