End-User Cybercrime Prevention 101 for Atlanta Companies

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Your first step against cybercrime prevention is cybersecurity training. INSIs End-user Cybersecurity Training 101 can help your Atlanta businesses.

Your Weakest Link is Your End-Users

Your computer end-users are your weakest link for cybercriminals. With one click out of curiosity, they can bring your entire business to a crashing halt. That’s why ensuring they are trained and aware of common cybersecurity attacks is crucial.

Types of End-User Attacks

Cybercriminals are clever, but their tactics haven’t changed much since the first computer virus came out. Their primary objective is installing malware to steal information, and they do this in four common ways. This includes spoofing, phishing, spear-phishing, and Smishing. Below are some definitions of these types of attacks and what to do about them.

Spoofing End-User Cybersecurity Prevention 101

Spoofing can attack through email, websites, phone, text, and even MACs. In particular, it impersonates the victim by using their email address, phone number, or IP address as their own and tricking others into divulging information or clicking on a link.

Therefore, to avoid IP Spoofing, you must have current firewalls, VPN, anti-spam, content filtering, load balancing, and DDoS defense techniques. On the other hand, end-user training can prevent email, phone, and text spoofing.

Phishing End-User Cybersecurity Prevention 101

A phishing email is a general term for an email that requests you to click a link, open a document, or provide personal/corporate information. The results of a successful phishing attack could mean stolen identities or credit card information, compromised passwords, malware infection (including ransomware), and various other problems.

There are many ways to protect yourself against phishing, such as spam filters, antivirus software, firewalls, and data backups. All of these tools are critical in the defense against phishing – however, more than these resources are needed to prevent all attempts from reaching users. Ultimately, everyone must be educated and vigilant! That’s why all your employees should get end-user cybersecurity prevention training. For example, this simple phishing article shows end-users how to identify a phishing email.

Spear Phishing End-User Cybersecurity Prevention 101

Spear phishing is when someone uses a false identity to target an individual. Subsequently, the sender always appears to be a well-known and trusted source. For example, it could come from the target’s executive, boss, or trusted business partner. As expected, it always involves money or clicking a link.

Clearly, hackers understand the general user’s weaknesses and how to exploit them. Therefore, implementing essential technology tools is the first step to eliminating this threat. After all, if the end-user never receives the email, there is no way they can click on a bad link or respond to it. This Spear Phishing article provides tips for end-users.

Smishing End-User Cybersecurity Prevention 101

Cybersecurity Smishing is a text that requests you to click on a link, respond, or provide personal/corporate information. The results of a successful Cybersecurity Smishing attack could mean a compromised PIN, credit information, passwords, social security number, and other private details that could lead to stolen identity.

There are many ways you can arm yourself against Cybersecurity Smishing attacks. They include awareness, research, and avoidance. Go here for simple directions to avoid Smishing.


Training your staff on cybersecurity prevention is now more critical than ever. INSIs end-user cybersecurity prevention training provides testing to see who falls for the scam, an awareness class, and a video class for new hires. Click below to contact us about your cybersecurity solution.


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