INSI Celebrates World IT Backup Day

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Celebrate World IT Backup Day with INSI on March 31st.  You may find it interesting that this national tech day is the day before April Fool’s Day. However, that is not by mistake.  Moreover, it was specifically put on this date to keep us from becoming the butt of the joke from failed devices.  Clearly, this is technology humor at its finest!

History of World IT Backup Day

There are mixed stories about the origins of World Backup Day.  One of them claims it was started by a company called Maxtor, which was later acquired by Seagate Technology, a well-known storage company.   However, a more reliable story dates back to 2011 by a digital consultant named Ismail Judan. Subsequently, in this version, Judan had read a post on Reddit from a user who had lost all his data and wished someone had reminded him to back it up.  Henceforth, Judan created World Backup Day to remind everyone to not be a fool about backing up their data.

History of Backup Technology

Originally, all backups were done on IBM punch cards.  Next came magnetic tapes.  Interestingly, these tapes could store the equivalent of 10,000 punch cards.  While the hard-drive was introduced shortly after, the tape backups were much more affordable and thereby the primary choice for most vendors.  It wasn’t until the late 1990s that hard disk drives became affordable and therefore became the backup of choice.  Finally, we came to the cloud backups.  Certainly, as cloud solutions became more popular, so did the cloud backup strategy.

Best Practices for Backups

Unfortunately, your chances of surviving a complete data failure are only 49%.  This is regardless of whether or not the failure happens from a cyber-attack or natural disaster.  Subsequently, this is why you need to follow best practices for your backups. This includes:

  • Store Your Backups Safely Offsite – Store them away from your servers. In addition, do not let them out of your sight if you are physically transporting them. Indeed, there are countless stories of stolen backups from an employee’s vehicle when they made a quick stop on the way home.
  • Backup Regularly – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backups are advised.
  • Do Differential Backups – With cloud backups you can save differences in the data since the last full backup.
  • Encrypt Your Backups – By encrypting your data you are ensuring only authorized parties can access the data.
  • Verify Your Backups – A data restore should be done at least twice a year to ensure the backups are functioning properly.

Celebrate World IT Backup Day With Us!

At INSI, we understand the criticality of your data.  For this reason, we are dedicated to help you protect it. To learn more about how we can help you with a strategy that meets your business’s needs, you can reach us at 678-387-2424.

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