INSI Customer Support Manager’s Improve IT Operations for Atlanta Businesses

by | Jul 18, 2023 | INSI Articles, Managed Service Provider

Innovative Network Systems, Inc. (INSI) Customer Support Managers are a single point of contact for full accountability.

MSP Communication and Accountability is crucial to the success of your Atlanta, GA, company’s IT operations. We all know it can be frustrating when you get bounced around from one person to another. Or when you have questions involving invoicing, engineering competence, or need solutions and can’t find anyone to hold accountable.

If you are going through this, you are not alone. Many MSPs have multiple points of contact for every type of issue.  Not only does this confuse the client, but it also confuses the MSP employees.

Consistent MSP Communication is Vital for Customer Satisfaction

A successful MSP prioritizes client communications if they want deeper, long-term client relationships. This includes ensuring that all details are well-documented, assimilated, and distributed among all stakeholders. If an issue arises, the client can see the detailed history and chronological events that led to the problem.

MSPs must be able to provide transparency into their processes, billing, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to build trust with their client. As a result, there are few surprises.

INSI’s Solution for MSP Communications

INSI believes strongly in accountability. That includes accountability in what we do, how we deliver our service, work performed, and ensuring we live up to all our commitments. For this reason, a Customer Support Manager (CSM) is assigned to each INSI client.  The CSM is responsible for:

  • Serves as your single point of accountability
  • Meets with the client quarterly to provide updates and review preventive maintenance reports
  • Completely understands your environment
  • Has business experience
  • Overseas the engineers who work on your tickets
  • Reviews tickets to ensure it’s detailed for future reference
  • Acknowledges your technical history when making recommendations
  • Provides advice and guidance on equipment or software
  • Serves as a project manager for all projects
  • Ensures clients’ needs come first

Our CSMs are experienced engineers. Contact us today if you would like the same kind of accountability. Contact INSI to reach the best MSP in Atlanta: 770-387-2424, option 2.


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