Cloud Computing Advantages for Your Atlanta Business

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Information Technology, INSI Articles

Cloud computing costs have decreased significantly over the years and have proven to be one of the best ways to lower the total cost of ownership, improve return on investment, gain flexible resources, reduce maintenance costs, and increase the speed of innovation. This article will explain all the advantages of cloud computing and why you may want to consider it for your organization.

IaaS Lowers Equipment & Implementation Cost

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows companies to rent or lease space in the cloud. With this technology, you can run servers, store data, house software applications, perform analytics, and track software intelligence over the Internet. However, to fully understand the cost savings of IaaS, you must know what you are paying and the risks associated with keeping your servers onsite.

On-Premise Server Infrastructure Total Cost of Ownership

The ongoing costs to keep your server infrastructure onsite go far beyond the monthly fee for the cloud. The ongoing costs of owning your servers include operational, maintenance, and upgrade costs. In addition, the total cost of ownership encompasses indirect and hidden costs shown below:  

  • Direct Costs – The direct cost of replacing servers every three to five years is only part of the equation. Space, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. are other factors. In addition, most server technology becomes obsolete after three years, and the maintenance costs drastically escalate in the fourth year by forty percent. 
  • Indirect Costs – Indirect costs cover salaries or vendor services to maintain the hardware. Technology Professionals are challenging to attract and retain as the demand for this skill set continues to rise.
  • Hidden Cost – On-premise servers are vulnerable to power outages, Internet failure, IT staff mismanagement, or mistakes. Cloud computing is not.

IT Cloud Cost: Atlanta, GA

Cloud computing is about the same as the cost of a server split over three years. However, the prices continue to come down as the economy of scales kicks in. In addition, the implementation only happens once in the cloud. In comparison, onsite server replacement implementation costs occur every three to five years.

Scalability Insurance 

When you own your infrastructure, you must maintain the maximum usage, or it could affect the end-user performance. In contrast, cloud computing allows you to scale up or down as your company changes staff size and is an excellent option for seasonal businesses or evolving economies. 

Lower Maintenance Cost

With cloud computing, the cloud provider owns the equipment, and there is less need for in-house IT support services because it is easier to deploy and remove resources on the server infrastructure. However, you will still need IT support to handle end-user issues and custom programming. 

Lower Space & Energy Cost

The space for a server room requires air conditioning, cabling, fire suppression systems, power system redundancies, and secure access. In addition, most tech-savvy companies invest in a generator to avoid disruption during a natural disaster or utility outage. 

Other Benefits

Many benefits of cloud computing go well beyond the cost savings. These include:

  • Reliability – In the past, remote users and branch offices were vulnerable to power outages and infrastructure issues in the main office. However, cloud computing provides every user the same experience, regardless of location.  
  • Security – Cloud computing companies invest heavily in security. Security measures include everything from armed guards to biometric technology (iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, etc.), security locks, fire suppression systems, and much more. Small and medium-sized businesses previously could not afford this level of security before IaaS existed.
  • Speed – Many computing resources can be made available in minutes.
  • Performance – Cloud computing companies regularly update to the latest fast and efficient computing hardware generation.  

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