IT Digital Transformation and Your Small Atlanta Business in 2022

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hIT Digital Transformation is one of the most common buzzwords circling the business industry in Atlanta GA, and nationwide. Other common names include digital disruption, disruptive innovation, venture architecture, and disruptive technology. However, they all mean the same thing: to successfully overtake an industry by transforming the way the clients’ needs are met through technology.

2022 and IT Digital Transformation in Atlanta

The last few years have tested all industries and made everyone rethink how to deliver their services under the new pandemic restrictions, economic conditions, and supply chain issues. Those who could adapt with speed and agility survived, but those stuck in their rigid ways failed to meet client demands and struggled to keep their doors open.

Not surprisingly, technology played a huge role in quickly meeting the shifting client demands. Companies that were able to respond to the in-the-moment business needs had already optimized their data and analytics infrastructure in preparation for IT digital transformation.

Understanding Your Clients’ Needs

How do we learn from the success and failures of the last few years? The first step is to truly understand the customers’ needs and behaviors better than they do themselves. While that may sound like a tall order, many companies are turning to analytics to predict how their customers will respond to specific changes.

Today’s Clients

The first thing you need to realize about the clients of 2022 is that they are more connected and empowered than ever through their electronic devices.  As a result, they expect a more excellent online and in-store customer experience. They also want the products/services now and with complete information transparency, but if they don’t get what they expect, they have a much louder voice than ever before with online public complaints.  For this reason, it is best to adapt to the client’s expectations and deliver unprecedented service.

Hhow do you begin to understand the client’s expectations when you didn’t set them in the first place? Further, how do you integrate that into an IT digital transformation plan?

Using Analytics to Gain Useful Insights into Client Behaviors

Analytics provide deep consumer intelligence and valuable insights into your clients’ individual buying behaviors. On a broader scale, this information can help create a better customer experience, improve product quality, and realize cost reduction. There are several areas you can access this information, including:

  • Your Company Data – Data collected through your website, email campaign reports, marketing ad campaigns, inventory, customer support center, and more.
  • Data Exchanges – Data collected through an interdependent collaboration among any combination of public or private institutions, consumers, clients, or constituents.
  • Third-Party Data – Data collected through smart devices & appliances, social media, Internet surfing history, and other third-party data providers.

Most organizations initially use data analytics for customer-centric IT digital transformation and revenue-generating objectives. However, companies are becoming more dependent on data to launch new products or improve client services. As a result, they have realized that it is just as advantageous to use it toward streamlining operations where they can lower their operational cost and pass the savings on to the client or increase their gross profits.

Innovation and IT Digital Transformation Team

Once you know and understand your competition and what your clients need or expect, it’s time to respond through IT Digital Transformation Innovation.  This will be necessary to remain competitive or outpace your competition.

Your Chief Information Officer (CIO) should lead all IT digital transformation efforts and involve your leadership team and a subset of your employees and customers.

This combination can provide great insight into how IT digital technology can enhance your business portfolio. Further, involving your clients, prevents employees from relying solely on institutional knowledge rather than the actual client perspective.

The CIO is the best person to lead these efforts.  This is because they will clearly understand the technology required to meet the business objectives. Most importantly, they have the experience to map out a digital transformation plan that sets clear expectations for all stakeholders.

Summary of IT Digital Transformation

Organizations that diversify their business offerings to include digital-based services are more resilient to economic influences, are more recession-proof, and are much more likely to rebound from a financial crisis. If there was ever a time to make a digital transformation, it is now in 2022, when the competition struggles to bounce back.

In addition, organizations that fail to meet the demands of the digitized marketplace will fall behind and eventually become extinct.  However, those who do their research and recognize new ways to meet client demands will inevitably grow and flourish. After all, necessity is the mother of all inventions, and there are many unmet demands today.

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