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Integrated IT Support and Cybersecurity are Critical to Small Business Security

Ninety-three percent of cyber attacks can access local network resources within minutes. Several cybersecurity services can help manage these threats, but none can improve your risk if your IT support company doesn’t take the first step and harden your computer network. Hence, the bridge that integrates IT support and cybersecurity is onsite preventive maintenance

What is IT Preventive Maintenance?

IT Preventive Maintenance is a quarterly or semi-annual network checkup at your location. It ensures everything on your network is running safely and correctly. Most importantly, it’s the difference between a good MSP and a break/fix shop.

An onsite PM equips the provider to identify issues that may occur over the next 3-6 months before your next checkup. During this time, the managed service provider will perform updates and patches to keep your system safe and running smoothly. In addition, they will take this time to identify underlining issues and provide hardware/software costs and estimated time to resolve any problems. 

Why Would My MSP Skip Preventive Maintenance?

Many MSPs will not include onsite PM in their package because it is time-consuming and non-billable. (“Onsite” is the keyword.) Billable is key for managed services providers. A single preventive maintenance visit will cost 25-60 minutes per server and 15-20 minutes per network device, plus travel time. The length of time on each server depends on the applications. Further, they have to write up their findings. The time invested is costly because it is a non-billable expense every 3-6 months, depending on the contract terms.

Engineers have other reasons to skip this step. Often, their performance is measured on billable time, and many MPS value billable time over client security or satisfaction. 

What Are The Benefits of a Good IT Maintenance Program?

There is one thing for sure about technology: things go wrong – strange things too. For example, settings and configurations change. The backups and monitoring may stop working. These things often manifest themselves during the worst possible times. Yet, PMs will decrease your downtime by providing a more secure, efficient, and reliable way to keep your network healthy.

Why Does Preventive Maintenance Need to Take Place Onsite?

Many things can go wrong if your provider only performs remote PMs. However, the most critical reason is cybersecurity and network security.  Subsequently, onsite PMs identify issues that may arise before your next checkup. Such things include:

  • Physical Security 
  • Straighten-Up Junky Server Room 
  • Ensure Monitoring Tools Are Working 
  • Validate Temperature Sensors are Working 
  • Ensure Backups are Safe 
  • Verify Backups are Working 
  • Safety of End User Devices
  • Verify Terminated Employees are Removed from System 

Find out more about the importance of onsite preventive maintenance.

    The IT World Without IT PM Due Diligence

    Alternatively, imagine you had a significant ransomware attack on your system. Your MSP would roll back time to the last backup in a perfect world. Depending on your backup frequency, you might miss a few hours or days, but you will recover. 

    On the other hand, what happens if your provider never performed an onsite backup test and they stopped working? Not only would you have to pay for the ransomware, but there is no guarantee they won’t sell your data or make you a future target. 

    This was just one example of how PMs keep your system safe and secure.

    INSI’s Preventive Maintenance Promise!

    INSI believes PMs are necessary to support and protect our clients. When we prevent problems from happening, we have longer tenure with our clients, established trust, and fewer catastrophes. Further, we do not hold our engineers to a billable time incentive plan. Instead, engineers are measured by client satisfaction and loyalty. 

    About INSI, The Best IT Support & Cybersecurity Provider in Atlanta

    Innovative Network Systems, Inc. has a unique approach to integrating IT support and cybersecurity. Our month-to-month programs range from basic support to proactive support, managed support, and customized support. Each program is tailored to the client’s needs and internal IT strengths.  

    For more information about cybersecurity dangers and the preventative measures for your company, connect with the top MSP in Atlanta; Contact INSI: 770-387-2424, option 2 or click the link below. In addition, we offer 16 different cybersecurity programs to protect you and your data.

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