Measure Your MSPs Operational Performance

by | Dec 19, 2022 | INSI Articles

How should you measure your MSPs operational performance? Should they be measured by how many years they are in business, processes, experience, or a combination? Unfortunately, there are many “fly by night” businesses in this industry because our bright and intelligent engineers often do not know the first thing about business. They are very good at information technology but usually do not have the tools, resources, and processes to support their clients correctly.

IT Support Operations Requires a Major Investment

Starting an IT support company is expensive, and it takes years before one can make a profit. Many engineers who create new IT support companies know the right concepts; but need more funds or time to invest in the right technology tools, people, or process building. Others are arrogant about their skills; they believe their clients will put up with operational inefficiencies to access them. Ultimately, they find the cheapest technology tools to manage, monitor, and support their clients with inferior results. So, if you are wondering why your service levels are inconsistent – this is one of the most significant root causes!

Three Pillars of Successful MSP Operational Performance 

Today businesses are more connected than ever before. As a result, they are also in more danger than ever before. Measuring the MSP operational performance includes the right technology to ensures a safe and efficient network. However, it take time to choose the right provider. That’s why it is essential to look for a quality IT support operation that knows the three pillars of success; people, technology, and processes.

  • People – A good MSP knows that a quality engineer is valuable. A great MSP knows they are invaluable. Even during the recession, MSPs struggled to find quality engineers. In fact, since 2010 (at least), IT support engineers have had an average .07% unemployment rate. As a client, you have it much easier than an MSP to find excellent engineering talent. All you need to do is choose the right MSP. That is easy, but only if you know what to look for!
  • Technology – MSPs must be more efficient and better than everyone else because they control the technology. So, the tools MSPs use must be highly robust and efficient. At the very least, an MSP must have a robust ticketing system, monitoring software, and asset-tracking software meant to serve multiple clients. Small MSPs can’t afford this because it is expensive to license and maintain. It can take several years before an MSP is profitable enough to do things correctly.
  • Processes – Processes form the framework to improve operational efficiencies and deliver premier service. Excellent processes are built on IT management experience. Further, they are specific to the organization’s available people and technology tools. Therefore, copying another organization’s process is like fitting a square peg in a round hole. That’s where many new IT support startups fail; they incorporate the old company’s processes, yet they do not have the same resources to make the strategies viable. Instead, processes must be fluid with the organization’s capabilities and needs.

Knowing and understanding these MSP operational performance measurements will help you identify why you are experiencing specific issues with your current provider and how to avoid making the same mistake with a future IT support provider.

Summary About MSP Operational Performance

It’s essential to know your MSP Operational Permance. Currently, Atlanta has over 900 IT support companies. Out of these 900 options, many of the larger ones are owned by investment firms who only care about the bottom line. As a result, they experience high engineering turnover and rigid customer service. In addition, most IT support companies have less than three engineers who went rogue from another IT support group. Yet, they can’t afford the required technology and resources to meet the client’s needs.  (That’s why it’s not wise to follow your favorite IT guy when he goes independent. You will lose service quality if you do.) 

It’s essential to do your research and understand how to compare IT support businesses to meet your organization’s needs. The book IT Outsourcing Secrets can help you identify and understand your IT support options. You can find it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or get a free copy when you set an appointment with one of our IT support consultants. 

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