Does Your MSPs Outsource To Other Countries?

by | Apr 7, 2023 | INSI Articles, Managed Security Provider

It is no secret in the IT support industry that many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) outsource their work offshore to make more profit. However, this way of doing business could significantly impact your efficiency and time.

We all have had outsourcing nightmares, such as language barriers, multiple transfers, disconnects, and repetitive conversations, until you finally find someone to address your issues. Yet, it is even more frustrating to find out that your MSP is also outsourcing your work overseas and making a killing on profits while you suffer subpar service.

Why Do Some Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Outsource Your Work?

Money! It’s really that simple. In the book “Infinite Scale” the author details how the average engineer costs him $65K per year, and he only gets 65% billable time out of him. He reasons that he could make a much bigger profit outsourcing offshore. And that is how many outsourcers think. However, outsourcing the work to India, Columbia, or many other countries can cost as little as $6 per hour for programming or IT support work. Still, they charge their clients $150 per hour. That is an incredible profit margin. 

MSPs who outsource overseas sacrifice quality for the almighty dollar, especially when the service is customer-facing. However, this is also true when the MSPs have their internal engineers work with the outsourcers. They also experience communication barriers, and you end up with subpar work.

However, technological stagnation is the real danger for MSPs using overseas outsourcers. Other countries do not have the same advancements as the United States, which can create a massive financial risk to your business.

Legal Disputes with Outsourcing Your Work Overseas

Do other countries abide by US laws or their own? It is challenging to hold offshore companies accountable. And you are at risk if you have access to government-regulated information, client domains, intellectual software code, enterprise clients, network passwords, etc. Therefore, asking if your MSP is using an offshore company to do any of your IT work is especially important.

The Problem for America!

Outsourcing overseas hurts our economy. We are all part of the supply chain, and it is essential to hire locally. We all know that Americans have to make money to spend money. So why send our money overseas?

In the same way, why would you want to work with a company that outsources overseas if you don’t get the cost savings? Why risk all the legal implications with offshore services and receive subpar services? Instead, use a company that only hires locally and supports your community. You will have better communications and better service. In addition, you will be able to verify their work quality with other local companies.

INSI ONLY Hires Atlanta-Metro Engineers

INSI supports our local community by hiring Atlanta Metro engineers, partnering with Atlanta Metro companies, and giving back to the local community. Most important, we do not outsource any engineering work overseas.

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