INSI Announces A Partnership with Cybriant to Add Cybersecurity Services

Marietta, GA, 02/20/2020 – Cybriant is now a partner with INSI. INSI, a Manage Service Provider and creator of the Customized IT Support model, today announced a strategic alliance partner with Cybriant, a leader in cybersecurity services. This partnership will allow INSI to launch a line of cyber risk management services that will allow their clients to proactively combat relevant threats from cybercriminals. Through these services, INSI is making enterprise-grade cybersecurity services attainable for all organizations.

Cybersecurity Threats

Cybercriminals are using every resource available to find vulnerabilities.  Too often organizations find out what made them vulnerable after an attack. By adding the following managed services, INSI now can help clients use a preventative approach to cyber risk management. These services include:

  1. Managed SIEM with 24 x 7 security monitoring
  2. Managed Detection & Remediation
  3. Risk-based Vulnerability Management
  4. Responsive Patch Management
  5. Web Application Protection as a Service
  6. Risk Assessments
  7. Compromise Assessments
  8. Penetration Testing
  9. Incident Response & Incident Containment

INSI’s Cybersecurity Commitment to Our Clients

INSI has also added consultative services that will provide a framework for architecting, constructing, and maintaining a secure business with policy and performance alignment. Clients can contact INSI for Virtual CISO, Risk Assessments, Compromise Assessments, and Penetration Testing.

“At INSI, we take our clients cybersecurity very seriously,” says Deborah Frazier, Head of Sales and Marketing for INSI and author of the book, IT Outsourcing Secrets.  “Most companies believe their Managed Service Company is providing full IT security services.  Unfortunately, they are disappointed when an event happens and they cannot recover from it.  I have seen this happen with multiple prospects over the years.”

Stephen Nowell, VP of Operations added, “The truth is, most MSPs provide basic block and tackle which includes monitoring, preventive maintenance, antivirus, and spam filtering.  Backups and Managed Security are an additional offering.”

“However, at INSI, we realized there was a big enough need to warrant 24/7 monitoring and response.  On the other hand, we also knew it would take at least fourteen cybersecurity specialists, and experienced Cybersecurity leadership to provide that support.  That is why we sought out a Georgia-based reputable Cybersecurity company.  This supports our goals to back the local community.” Stephen concluded.

Cybriant’s Commitment to Our Clients

“Having an effective Cyber Risk Management Service requires a vigilant effort by focused professionals,” said Bill Brown, EVP with Cybriant. “Through INSI, Cybriant can design, implement, and manage your entire cyber risk management program, or we can augment and reinforce your program where needed.

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About INSI

Since 1995, INSI has been providing IT support to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in both Georgia and Alabama.  They offer Managed Services and their own unique INSI Customized IT™ package.  Also, their unique tiered structure allows clients to choose the exact services they want while reducing 80% of their cost on IT support tickets.  Additional services include hosting, disaster recovery, managed security, and unified communications. For more information, go to

About Cybriant

Cybriant assists companies in making informed business decisions along with sustaining effectiveness in the design, operation, and monitoring of their cyber risk management programs. We deliver a comprehensive and customizable set of strategic and managed cybersecurity services. These services include Risk Assessments, vCISO, 24/7 Managed SIEM with LIVE Monitoring and Analysis, 24/7 MDR, 24/7 Real-Time Vulnerability Scanning with Patch Management. We make enterprise-grade cybersecurity strategies and tactics accessible to businesses of all sizes. Find out more at