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by | Dec 26, 2022 | Information Technology, INSI Articles

Social Media IT Oversight and Your Employees

Social Media IT Oversight helps control your brand, employee performance, and morale in the workplace. Undoubtedly, we live in a connective world ruled by social media. Many employees will claim social media improves their work relationships through social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter by creating their brand identity and furthering their networking connections. 

In contrast, the retention rate is much lower for those highly involved in social media, which is why employers are more likely to notice those with solid brand identities. Those who engage with coworkers claim to have a far more meaningful work experience. Therefore, each company must consider if it’s an asset or a hindrance to their company. 

Does Social Media Help or Kill Productivity?

Nearly 36% of employers block social media in the workplace and see it as a productivity killer. A recent survey revealed that the typical worker works eight hours, but only three hours are productive. Out of the remaining 5 hours, one hour accounts for some form of social media. That’s 12% of their workday.  

When an Employee Draws the Wrong Attention Through Social Media

It only takes one keyboard stroke for an employee to bring unwanted attention to the business or allow viruses to enter the network. A great example is when a Popeyes employee took pictures of roaches on the food. Once, I worked with one salesperson who befriended every client and potential client on Facebook. Then she posted borderline pornographic materials and raunchy jokes. Not everyone has the same type of humor. While she thought it was funny, it left a powerful impression of the company in the minds of clients and potential clients. 

Some examples of poor social media ethics that could harm your company include:

  • Badmouthing clients or business partners.
  • Making derogatory comments.
  • Making fun of other employees or superiors.
  • Disclosing sensitive company information.

Beware of Cancel Culture

One of the worst things that can happen to a company is to be a victim of the cancel culture. Today, a cancel culture can be the death of a company. For example, a typical headline in today’s culture covers high-profile business people or employees sounding off about political, racial, or unpopular religious points of view. This negative press is why many companies have instituted social media policies for their employees.

Social Media and Viruses

Another real threat to companies includes viruses and identity theft. Unfortunately, a simple link can allow unethical hackers to install unwanted software on your company’s network. Many hackers specialize in exploiting personal connections for malicious intent.

An invite or link from a close friend will appear harmless but can lead to identity theft, brand hijacking, damaged business reputation, intellectual property theft, and more. That’s why training your employees on social media risks, and phishing or spear phishing attacks is essential.

Social Media Oversight and the Atlanta GA workplace

Employers struggle with all of these dynamics, and for a good reason. However, social media is just as important for branding and image. 

Therefore, it’s a tough decision all the way around, and each company must do what’s best for them.

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