7 Ways to Save Money on IT Support

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What are the Best Ways to Save Money on IT Support?

In the last 20 years, I have seen countless small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) waste money on IT support by trying to avoid spending money. However, avoiding costs is not always the same as saving money.

There are some straightforward ways to stretch your IT support dollars.  This includes:

  1. Asset Tracking Software to Reduce Your IT Support Cost
  2. Implement Desktop & Network Monitoring to Reduce Costly Issues
  3. Administer a Cybersecurity Program to Mitigate Risks
  4. Rotate Computer Replacement to Save Money on Obsolete Equipment
  5. Leverage Your Tech-Savvy End-Users to Decrease IT Support Labor
  6. Update Your Hardware and Software to the Current Version
  7. Provide Basic Articles and Training to End-Users 

Now let’s dig into the details.

1. Asset Tracking Software to Reduce Your IT Support Cost

Stop wasting money on assets. Asset tracking utilizes barcode technology to track each investment’s tickets, memory, storage space, software, and software versions. This is helpful in two ways: 

  • It helps avoid buying extra hardware or software when it’s time to upgrade to the latest software.
  • You can keep track of the total cost of ownership as the computer changes hands. 

Asset Tracking will help you avoid sinking money into an asset beyond economic recovery. Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) or IT department should use this technology to stretch your IT dollars by avoiding unnecessary spending.

2. Implement Desktop & Network Monitoring to Reduce Costly Issues

Stop leaving your systems defenseless! Computer systems are not cheap, so you need to keep them healthy if you want a return on your investment (ROI). For example, unresolved issues, like missed updates or patches, can escalate into much more significant problems, such as viruses or leaving a door open to hackers.

IT Monitoring is a tool that allows the provider to set up alerts, patch, report, automation, program custom scripting, catch issues early on, and prevent future problems. There are two types of monitoring: network and desktop. Both are equally important to the health and safety of your IT environment and can stretch your IT dollars by avoiding costly issues.

3. Administer a Cybersecurity Strategy to Help Mitigate Risks 

Many SMBs are still relying solely on antivirus to protect their computers. However, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated yearly and antivirus is no longer enough to protect you. That’s the reason why a cybersecurity strategy is so important.

Importantly, cybersecurity strategies are unique to each company. After all, you have individualized risks, technology, types of users, and industries. Fortunately, several security options are available to protect your data on email, hardware, applications, phones, and network. A good MSP or Cybersecurity consultant can perform a GAP analysis to assess your needs. You save money and stretch your IT support dollars by avoiding costly scams.

4. Rotate Computer Replacement to Save Money on Obsolete Equipment

A computer’s lifespan lasts three to five years. For this reason, you should replace your computers every three years instead of waiting until they break. 

Over time, electrical and mechanical components wear out and will not operate optimally, which can hinder your productivity. In addition, they cannot support current software. Most importantly, you are responsible for all parts and labor when the equipment is out of warranty. 

5. Leverage Your Tech-Savvy Users Help to Decrease IT Support Labor

Did you know that 80% of the tickets called into the helpdesk are entry-level and take less than 15 minutes to resolve? 

One of the best ways to save money on IT support labor is to take advantage of your tech-savvy employees. They can take care of the more fundamental issues and escalate them to MSP or your IT support staff when something is beyond their knowledge. These employees can serve as the gatekeeper for all tickets.

6. Update Your Hardware and Software to the Current Version

Get rid of those pesky old computers and software! Outdated hardware and software create both liabilities and lost productivity, and in the end, it costs you more than an upgrade would cost. 

Security is a big reason for upgrading computers. Older technology is highly vulnerable to cyber hacking  because the older software is not designed to defend against these new threats. Hackers prey on outdated technology when the vendor no longer supports the version. 

Productivity is another reason to upgrade. Older technology is slower and forces users to find workarounds. Over time, this wastes time and resources. Therefore, upgrading your systems is essential to keep your performers working in peak conditions.


You can expect substantial cost savings when planning your longterm IT investments. According to Statista, “in 2023, small businesses are forecast to spend approximately 725 billion U.S. dollars on IT services. In contrast, medium-sized businesses are forecast to spend around 545 billion U.S. dollars on IT services that year. Medium-sized businesses are more likely to make long-term investments, whereas small businesses spend to meet short-term requirements.” Clearly, you can experience significant cost savings when you plan well. If not, you may regret not making the change a year from now.

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