Interview Questions for Selecting a New MSP

by | Dec 12, 2022 | INSI

This article explors the best interview questions to qualify an MSP.

MSP Interview Questions

There are only three reasons a company interviews MSP vendors; they are a new business, have exceeded their internal IT knowledge, or are unhappy with their current IT support provider. The third is the most common reason, and once burned means twice skeptical. And, if you have been burned it has probably happened more than once. If that is the case, it is likely due to your MSP interview questions or standards. 

There are two crucial things to consider when choosing an IT support provider;  the IT maturity level of the provider and the type of IT support.  

MSP Interview Questions for IT Maturity Level

The IT Maturity Level is the ability of an IT organization to deliver exceptional service and continuous performance improvement. The Gartner Self-Assessment Tool is an excellent tool to measure the IT maturity level as it ties together the three pillars of success: people, processes, and technology. Chapter two of IT Outsourcing Secrets helps you determine the IT maturity level of the organization with the following questions:

MSP Interview Questions for Type of IT Support

The type of IT support model speaks volumes about the MSP’s IT maturity level.  It takes into account the people, processes, and technology. Most importantly, it determines service levels, budget, and overall customer satisfaction you receive. The types of IT support models and links to excellent MSP interview questions for each include:

Take a little time to explore the market and ask the right MSP interview questions. In the long run, you will be thankful you did. To know more about this topic, read IT Outsourcing Secrets, a Small Business Guide to Comparing IT Support Companies. 

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