Atlanta Managed Service Provider (MSP) Landscape

by | Nov 23, 2022 | INSI

Managed Service Provider Landscape in Atlanta and Marietta GA

The Atlanta and Marietta, GA’s MSP market is saturated with over 900 IT support providers. And that’s just the ones we know about! In addition to Managed Service Providers, countless independent contractors, friends, family, and neighbors dabble in the field for extra money. Yet, not all service providers are created equally, so it is very important to know:

  • the history of your IT support provider
  • types of support models
  • cybersecurity they include 
  • traps of the industry

Know the History of Your IT Support Provider

Since the rise of the home computer in the 1980s, Managed Service Providers have filled a gap for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) who struggled to purchase, maintain, and support their growing infrastructure. 

By the 2010s, this led to extreme market saturation. However, not all engineers make good business owners, and the reputation of the MSP industry declined. As a result, SMBs became leery of IT support companies and their promises. Many hired support engineers internally, which created their own set of problems.

Phone Companies and Copier Companies Are Expanding Their Service Offerings to IT Support in Atlanta

In the early 2000s, many phone system companies and copier companies saw the writing on the wall. They realized their businesses would only succeed if they expanded their business offerings. Widening into the IT support space was the most straightforward approach since their systems were now network-based. But they soon discovered that the IT support industry was much more complex than previously thought.

Venture Capital Groups Are Rapidly Buying Atlanta IT Support Companies

At the same time, venture capital groups bought and merged IT support, phone, copier, custom programming, and website programming companies to create IT powerhouses. In most cases, the mergers created a nightmare for clients and employees because they focused on trimming the budget. As a result, the engineers worked harder, had fewer benefits, and had to adjust to a new corporate culture and systems. All of which led to a turnover and poor customer service. Then the companies are sold, and it starts all over again.


It is essential to understand the history and capabilities of your IT support provider. A few ways to do this is to understand the type of IT support model they model and their IT maturity level. Innovative Network Systems, Inc. (INSI) covers several topics like this in the INSI Insights Blog to help you make informed decisions.

    About INSI, the Best IT Support Provider in Atlanta

    For over 25 years, Innovative Network Systems (INSI) has offered an integrated IT support and cybersecurity approach for small and medium-sized businesses in the Atlanta area. Their 100% local, college-educated, and experienced engineers provide a range of services from basic monitoring to fully Managed IT services. The INSI IT support model gives their clients the exact level and type of service they want while providing greater accountability and reduced ongoing IT support costs. INSI options include cloud, cybersecurity, backups, cabling, wireless, business phones, and more.

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