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by | Nov 14, 2022 | IT Support

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IT Support Advice for New Businesses

Today, every business depends on technology to some extent. It’s clear, technology can be your best resource or your worst enemy. This article gives new business owners advice on how to set up a secure small network. 

IT Support Advice for Your Location

Many small businesses usually start their operations in a basement, garage, single suite, or small office. For example, Dell computers began in the University of Texas dorm room, and Amazon started in Jeff Bezos’ garage. So, it doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you have what you need and it’s secured. Below are the IT requirements you must consider for your new location:

  • Cabling and Wireless Access Points – The first thing you need to do is plan your office space. Consider where you will place each worker and centrally located peripherals, such as printers/copiers, to determine where you need cable drops and wireless access points. The good news is that you can often use the existing cabling structure instead of starting from scratch.
  • Internet – Next, choose a business-class Internet provider. You want to ensure you have enough bandwidth and speed for all your workers at peak moments of the day.
  • Phone System – In 2020, many businesses watched their expensive phone handset investments sit idle in empty offices. Because of this, many business owners gravitated to the affordable, hands-free 3CX phone system that utilizes the employee’s BYOD devices like cell phones and tablets.
  • Network Closet – A secure network closet is a must-have in today’s business world. This closet is the central point for your Internet, phone system, and firewalls. The room should have a lock on it and good cooling and air ventilation.

IT Support Advice to Secure Your Network

Cybersecurity is complex, but there are certain things you must do to secure your network. These IT requirements include:

Firewall – A firewall is your first line of defense for cybersecurity. Firewalls scan every bit of traffic coming in and out of your network. As a result, it fights every attack and keeps end-users from visiting dangerous websites.

Backups – A centralized backup goes a long way to restoring your data if you get a ransomware attack or computer failure. But don’t just back up your files; back up your settings and configurations so that you aren’t starting from scratch.

Antivirus – 91% of all cybercrimes start with a phishing attack by email. A current antivirus will filter well-known threats and suspicious activity.

Spam Filtering – Spam filtering it a vital part of your cybersecurity prevention plan. It helps identify unsolicited emails and suspicious activity.

IT Support Advice for Remote vs. Onsite Workers

If anything, Covid 19 taught the business world that knowledge workers should have remote access during a catastrophe or epidemic. Many business owners needed help ordering laptops quickly because of an unexpected worldwide microchip shortage. For this reason, you should prepare your knowledge-workers to work independently with a laptop. However, not all employees can/should work from home; for them, a workstation is acceptable.

Do You Need a Server?

A server is a powerful shared resource that can include disk space, hardware access, email, and more. Not all new businesses need a server. Many business resources are accessible through online applications like Microsoft Office 365. That’s why reviewing your business goals and objectives is essential to determine when it would be wise to get a server. However, INSI can help you plan and budget your IT infrastructure goals if you are unsure about your server needs.

About INSI

For over 25 years, Innovative Network Systems (INSI) has offered an integrated IT support and cybersecurity approach for small and medium-sized businesses in the Atlanta area. Their 100% local, college-educated, and experienced engineers provide a range of services from basic monitoring to fully Managed IT services.  The INSI IT model gives their clients the exact level and type of service they want while providing greater accountability and reduced ongoing IT support costs.  INSI options include cloud, cybersecurity, backups, cabling, wireless, business phones, and much more.

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