Backups and Recovery

We Protect Your Systems

We believe that protecting your business is more than setting up backups. When you sign up for our services, we begin building a strategy to protect your data and core IT services that are critical to your operations. We then create a recovery plan that takes into account different types of threats, failures, or disasters that can occur and the steps necessary to recover from each. Next, we install and configure a full backup and recovery solution that fits your organization’s needs. Once implemented we will continue to monitor the backups, perform maintenance, and test recoverability.

Customized Backup Strategy

Protecting your organization’s data is a vital role for your IT team and we make it a priority for our clients. Backups make it possible to recover from accidental deletion, file corruption, and hardware failure. They are also a major component of security plans in order to recover from malicious cyber-attacks. INSI has developed several robust solutions to make sure that all of your systems are covered.

We Safeguard Your Backups

The threat of Cyber-Attacks has made having a full backup strategy become necessary. When creating a backup strategy, we also take into consideration that not only is there a backup of your data, but it is secure. INSI puts in safeguards to protect backups from potentially being compromised from even your own network environment in the event of a malicious attack. Setup up of these safeguards can been overlooked if IT is not constantly thinking about security.

Fast Recovery Options

Our solutions have a variety of recovery options that vary in the speed of the restore. For mission critical devices, INSI’s advanced solutions have the ability to rebuild a failed system in our COLO and bring it online within hours. For systems that cannot go down we design High Available Systems as well. In general, when we discuss recovery with you and your team, we make sure to set realistic expectations on the time needed for restore to make sure it meets your organizations requirements.

Talk With A Technical Expert Today

INSI has a variety of options to complement your IT support program. Our solutions range from basic antivirus to cloud services. If you are experiencing technical challenges, there is no better resource than INSI to solve all your IT issues.